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Be More Efficient at Home (Using the Principle of Accrued Benefits)

One measure of being good at homemaking is how quickly and efficiently you get stuff done. And, since being efficient = being good, and being good = enjoying, then being efficient = enjoying Thus, according to my sound transitive logic, enjoying homemaking means spending as little time as possible doing it. According to Deniece Schofield, […]

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Get Organized for Back-To-School: Make a Morning Routine Chart

Things I loathe: Overkill summertime air-conditioning. Spaced-out drivers. Selfies where people are trying to look sexy. Cockroaches. Dragging my kids through their get-ready-for-school routines, morning after morning after identical morning… “Get dressed. Eat your breakfast. Keep eating. EAT. Brush your teeth. Brush your hair. BRUSH YOUR FREAKING HAIR, LIKE YOU DO EVERY SINGLE MORNING, FOR […]

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Flying With Baby or Toddler? Traveling Tips & Checklists

So you’re preparing to fly with your baby or toddler this holiday season. When we lived in France, we flew across the pond six times with baby/toddler FirstBorn, so we struggled, learned, then watched other families struggle. One Christmas we sat near an exhausted mother and father who suffered miserably for seven hours trying to […]

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