DIY Decorative Duct Tape to Frame a Mirror

Recently, as I was scrutinizing (er, gazing lovingly) at my reflection in the guest bathroom mirror, I noticed that it could use some sprucing up (the mirror, people). So I decided to “frame” it with decorative duct tape. One of these days I might try framing my bathroom mirrors with real wooden frames, but in the meantime, the tape gives immediate life to an otherwise boring and utilitarian thing. This DIY is extremely easy and fast, and admit it – you look in your mirrors often enough to make beautifying them worth it.

Here’s how.

Supplies needed:

* 1-2 rolls of decorative duct tape ($3.99+ each at your local craft store)

* Exacto knife ($4.99 at the craft store)

* Ruler or something straight

* Screwdriver

Step #1:

Start at one corner of the mirror, and run the tape, a few inches at a time, along the edge. Repeat this forIMG_0379the remaining three sides, cutting off each piece of tape as it comes to the end of each side. If you run into a bracket, just unscrew it with a screwdriver, lift it up, and run the tape along the mirror underneath the bracket; then reattach the bracket. (Please make sure this project does not become life-threatening: brace the mirror against the wall while the bracket is loose.)

Repeat Step #1, if you’d like, with narrower tape along the inside to create a second complimentary pattern. (If the second pattern you like only comes in a wide roll, stick it to the mirror and then use a ruler and Exacto knife to slice it thinner.)

Step #2:

A diagonal seam in the corners looks best and is super easy. Align the ruler from the top angle to the bottom angle of the corner, and use an Exacto knife to slice the tape along the ruler. Peel back the top piece of tape, remove the cut portion of the bottom piece of tape, and restick the top piece. Voila!

IMG_0380IMG_0381IMG_0382IMG_0383Step #3:

Use the Exacto knife to trim any imperfect edges.

Step #4:

Step back, admire your work, and give your lovely reflection a thumbs up!

IMG_0385 (2)


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