DIY Homemade Natural Beauty Regimen

wind, by Kate Toluzakova, on FlickrI’ve been thinking recently about overhauling my “beauty regimen” and hitting a stride that’s more natural, simple, and affordable. My current beauty regimen includes both expensive natural products and expensive chemical-laden products. My bathroom cabinet is Sea Kelp Shampoo meets Petroleum Hand Lotion. Daisy Extract Face Wash meets Retinol Wrinkle Cream.

The state of my skin both pleases and displeases me. I don’t suffer from acne much anymore, but my scalp remembers happier days. My hands are dry, but the rest of me is fine. Could be worse; could be better.

All Roads Lead to Weird Toothpaste

serene hike, by Porsche Brosseau, on FlickrTraversing the natural lifestyle path can feel long, twisty, and overwhelming, and sometimes I find myself backpedaling with humility (a decade ago I was devouring whole wheat berries on the macrobiotic diet; now I’m gluten-free). After 16 years of backward, forward, and sideways steps toward health, I’ve really only gathered three natural feathers for my traveling cap:

1. What I put in my body: real, whole, organic foods

2. How I use my body: practicing yoga and mindful breathing

3. What I use in my home: DIY natural cleaning products

Upgrading what I put on my body seems like a natural next step.

I’m only interested at this point in playing with the basics. I know it’s possible to make everything under the sun, including mascara, food scrub, mouthwash, hairspray, lip balm, face masks, not to mention baby products like DIY wipes and diaper rash cream, but I’m starting simple, and for me simple is just keeping my body clean and hydrated.

So here’s the plan, and maybe you’re interested in joining me in this little experiment. For the next six months, I’m going to replace my store-bought manufactured common cosmetics with natural homemade ones (starting with shampoo + conditioner and gradually adding the others), and I’ll periodically update you on the results. Post a comment or let me know on Facebook if you’re interested in trying any of these earthy alternatives, and we’ll report our results together!

Ingredients we’ll need: 

Baking sodaCoconut oil img032, by Ivan Ivanov, on Flickr

Apple cider vinegar

Jojoba oil

Coconut oil

Raw honey

Castile soap

Essential oils


Shampoo + Conditioner  –> Baking soda + apple cider vinegar

Face Moisturizer  –> Jojoba oil

Facewash  –> Raw honey and/or the Oil Cleansing Method (jojoba oil + hot cloth) for removing makeup

Bodywash  –> Castile soap

Body Moisturizer  –> Coconut oil

Toothpaste  –> Baking soda + coconut oil + essential oil

Deodorant  –> Coconut oil

We’ll start with shampoo + conditioner (also known as the “no-poo” method) next week! Stay tuned….

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